Ozone Diffusion Tubes / Passive Samplers

Ozone Diffusion Tubes

Ozone Diffusion Tubes / Passive Samplers

Ozone diffusion tubes are Palmes-type diffusion tubes used for long-term monitoring over 2-4 weeks. Ozone can be detected in the low parts per billion to low parts per million ranges. Specifically designed for Ozone absorption, the tubes are inexpensive and require no specialist skills or training, an ideal air monitor for large areas or for long-term studies.

Sources of ground-level Ozone:

Ground-level Ozone is not emitted directly, but forms due to chemical reactions in the atmosphere involving hydrocarbons (C8 or lower), Nitrogen oxides and sunlight. Therefore hot summer days often lead to higher Ozone concentrations.

Sources of Ozone precursors:

  • Natural sources.
  • Industrial emissions.
  • Vehicle exhausts.
  • Fuel vapors.
  • Solvents.
  • Combustion processes.

Potential implications of ground-level Ozone:

  • Respiratory irritation and reduced lung function, particularly in children.
  • Vegetation damage – leaf damage, reduced food production in commercial crops, increased susceptibility to disease.
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Ground-level Ozone is regulated due to its respiratory health effects and vegetation effects. Monitoring should be conducted in areas of high precursor emissions or in areas at greatest risk of its damaging effects.

  • Outdoor air monitoring – roadside, industrial, natural process.
  • Environmental – forest management, crop production.
  • Traffic management.
  • Indoor air monitoring – migration of pollution into buildings.
  • Monitoring for health purposes, e.g. in schools, roadside, public buildings etc.


DIF300RTU-RA – Ozone diffusion tube with analysis
DIF1000 – Push-in plastic fixing clip
DIF2000 – 360mm fixing strap
DIF2001 – 760mm fixing strap
DIFSHLTR-S – Shelter for up to 3 tubes (optional)

Results are provided within 10 working days or can be fast-tracked by arrangement.

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