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Ormantine Environmental is a market leader in the supply and analysis of ambient air pollution monitoring products. We serve environmental consultants, government agencies, universities and engineering firms worldwide. We specialize in providing low cost and easy to use products for air sampling, covering a wide range of applications. Our success has been built on providing a flexible and cost effective service that tailors the application capabilities of the monitors to exact customer requirements, with an added service of accurate and timely analysis – the ultimate solution for environmental monitoring. Passive monitoring technology provides inexpensive, long-term air sampling over a large area without the need for capital investment, infrastructure or a power supply. Its simplicity aids its versatility.

Passive sampling is commonly used for dispersion modelling, model validation, indoor air surveys, emissions monitoring, air quality control, general air pollution modeling and fenceline monitoring. It’s also used for personal air sampling, soil analysis and workplace monitoring for occupational health and safety.

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Indoor Ambient Air Applications

A healthy environment can be achieved by controlling sources and by eliminating or limiting the release of pollutants into the air.

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Outdoor Ambient Air Applications

We offer outdoor air sampling solutions for industrial emissions, fence line monitoring, landfill gas emissions, building on reclaimed land, and more.

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Laboratory Analysis Solutions

Our environmental labs provide accurate, efficient analysis in a timely manner. Expedited analysis options are available.

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