Ammonia Diffusion Tubes / Passive Samplers

Ammonia Diffusion Tubes

Ammonia Diffusion Tubes / Passive Samplers

Ammonia diffusion tubes are suitable for long-term monitoring of ambient Ammonia pollution (sampling times are 2-4 weeks). These samplers are simple to use, requiring no specialist skills or power supply, making them an efficient monitoring option. With very low detection limits (in the low parts per billion range), even low levels of Ammonia pollution can be identified.

Sources of Ammonia in ambient air:

  • Decaying organic matter – e.g. sewage.
  • Agriculture – particularly cattle, pig and poultry farms, application of slurry.
  • Fertilisers.
  • Manufacturing – plastics, pharmaceuticals, rubber, petrochemicals.
  • Industrial and combustion processes.
  • Catalytic converters.

Potential implications Ammonia pollution:

  • Unpleasant odor.
  • Damage to vegetation.
  • Soil acidification.
  • Conservation areas are at risk of Ammonia deposition – heathland, moorland, bogs – pollution may cause a change in plant species.
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The highest concentrations of ambient Ammonia pollution are expected in areas with most livestock farming or where Ammonia is industrially produced. Our diffusion tubes can be applied to a wide variety of situations:

  • Outdoor ambient air monitoring in proximity to agricultural or industrial facilities and sewage treatment facilities.
  • During production of products containing Ammonia.
  • Indoor air sampling in animal sheds or for workplace monitoring during manufacture.
  • Environmental assessments of conservation areas.
  • Urban monitoring.


DIF400RTU-RA – Ammonia diffusion tube with analysis
DIF1000 – Push-in plastic fixing clip
DIF2000 – 360mm fixing strap
DIF2001 – 760mm fixing strap
DIFSHLTR-S – Shelter for up to 3 tubes (optional)

Analysis is carried out in our UKAS accredited laboratories. Results are provided within 10 working days or can be fast-tracked by arrangement.

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