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Indoor Ambient Air Sampling

A healthy indoor environment can be achieved by the controlling of sources and by eliminating or limiting the release of pollutants into the air.

Personal and Workplace Monitoring

  • Anesthetic gases, VOCs, chemicals associated with specific work environment.
  • Occupational health and safety requirements.
  • Personal monitoring badges.

Industrial Emissions

  • Emissions from chemical, cleaning, industrial and manufacturing processes.

Museums, Archives, and Libraries

  • Hazardous gases may damage valuable artifacts.
  • VOCs (including Acetic and Formic Acid), Acid Gases, Ozone, Sulfur dioxide, Ammonia, Hydrogen sulfide, Formaldehyde and Nitrogen dioxide.

New Buildings and Renovation

  • Chemicals such as VOCs from building materials can leach into the air.
  • Paint, adhesives, cleaners, sealants.

Building on Reclaimed Land

  • Migration of pollutants into the building due to insufficient remedial action.

Combustion – Heating Systems and Smoking

  • Emissions of Nitrogen dioxide and VOCs can be monitored.
  • Particulate counts are especially important for people with respiratory health problems.


  • Odors can arise due to Sulfur Dioxide, Acid Gases and Ammonia pollutants.

Migration of Pollution from Attached Garages into Homes

  • Vehicle emissions, fumes from stored paint, fuel, solvents, etc.
  • VOC monitoring, Nitrogen dioxide, Particulates.
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