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Air Quality Can Do What To My Mood?

There have been many studies that link bad air quality to serious health conditions such as asthma, heart disease, anxiety and depression.  Okay, well that all sounds pretty horrible, but then you start thinking about how much time you spent outside and how much you were exposed to unclean air.  Then bring on the anxiety attack because you are thinking you might get heart disease and depression now. Once you get through that here comes the exhaustion, then your just kinda normal day turns into “oh no, I must be depressed because I have been exposed to dirty air” and it just becomes a downward spiral from there. Most studies could never put it into a real perspective of how depressed one would feel if they were over exposed to unsafe air.  Well the University of York, in England did a study and found out published by Fox News.  They claim that over exposure to Nitrogen Dioxide over long periods of time can make you as depressed as if you lost your job, or your partner.  Yes, you read that right, just as depressed if you lost your loved one.  Now I don’t know about anyone else but, I would not like to be Eeyore for the rest of my life because of the air I am breathing.  So, rather then having anxiety attacks and depression I have put the link below for some quick and easy tricks to improve your air quality, I have tried a few and I can say that they do work (the lavender plant is my favorite thus far).  Good luck and keep breathing.

Article Link

Clean Air Tricks

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