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Welcome to Ormantine Peristaltic Tubing Division

Ormantine USA is a specialist in the manufacture of small bore peristaltic pump tubing and transmission tubing. We are a volume OEM supplier to many pump manufacturers worldwide, providing dedicated tubing ranges for their pumps.

Our tubing is supplied as reels or as fully assembled packs of bridged and ribbon tubing in a wide range of materials. We are continuously working to develop our materials and application ranges to meet customer requirements.

Properties such as flexibility, clarity, color, heat stability, density and chemical resistance can often be specified. The majority of our tubing is medical grade, which prevents leaching of tube components into the substances being transported. Ormantine USA has been established for over 30 years, building its reputation as a market leader in the supply of accessories for Medical Equipment, Laboratories and Industrial Processes. As an OEM manufacturer, we work with many Peristaltic Pump producers to ensure optimum pump performance using our tubing. We pride ourselves on our customer service and endeavor to provide a fully comprehensive range of products creating long-term customer satisfaction.


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