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Your Productivity at Work is Affected by the Air

Everyone has those days at work where the paperwork is piling up, you are half asleep at your desk and you blame it on not getting enough sleep the night before or stress.  Well, that might not be the only reason why you feel your job should have a mandatory napping policy.  The air outside could be making you less productive then usual.  According to a new study at Germany’s Leibniz University and the Columbia Business School the air could be playing a factor.  We have all heard of studies like this before and those studies have looked at people who worked outside and were breathing contaminated air. Of course, it makes sense that the air is going to affect those people negatively.  However, this study took a different approach and looked at indoor workers and you guessed it, it affects those people as well.  They claim that on days where the particulate count is higher then normal there is a likelihood that 10% of your daily workload will be effected.   I know that I will be investing in some plants for my office after reading this.

To read the whole article by the Washington Post click here

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