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Laboratory Analysis Solutions

Our purpose built environmental laboratories provide accurate and efficient analysis, specializing in the determination of gaseous pollutant concentrations. Other processes can also be performed to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our laboratory analysis techniques include:

  • Thermal desorption.
  • Solvent desorption.
  • Gas chromatography – mass spectrometry (GC-MS).
  • Gas chromatography – flame ionisation detection (GC-FID).
  • Headspace analysis.
  • Ion chromatography.
  • UV/visible spectrophotometry.
  • Microchamber testing – direct desorption.
  • Gas sampling bag analysis.

In-house Analysis

Documented analytical procedures are detailed and concise to supply a consistent level of analytical accuracy and quality. Additional procedures are constantly developed and validated.

Quality Management

Our analytical and manufacturing procedures conform to the requirements of laboratory testing standard ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 9001.

Data and Reporting

Diffusion Tube and RAM analytical data is carefully and methodically checked before compiling and sending the final analysis report. Spectra and chromatograms, which form and integral part of the analysis, can be supplied with the data report if required. Usually reports are transmitted electronically to our customers. These can be sent in PDF or XLS formats.

Additional Options

To help meet individual client needs, Ormantine offers a range of additional options to meet specific time, formatting, and other requirements. Pricing is available upon request.

  • Fast Track analysis for a results needed sooner.
  • Recalculation and report reissue.
  • Additional calculations and report reissue.
  • Repeat copies of report.
  • Report issued in customer’s format.
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