Sulfur Dioxide Rapid Air Monitor

Sulfur Dioxide RAM

Sulfur Dioxide Rapid Air Monitor (RAM)

Ambient air monitoring using our Sulfur dioxide Rapid Air Monitor is a simple means of monitoring that requires no further maintenance after installation – an easy, cost-effective method. These RAMs are designed for short-term monitoring, and offer measurement of Sulfur dioxide in the low parts per billion to parts per million range.

Sources of Sulfur dioxide pollution:

  • Fossil fuel combustion – industry, power generation, vehicles.
  • Domestic boilers or fires.
  • Metal extraction.
  • Paper production.
  • Volcanoes.
  • Natural fires.

Potential implications of Sulfur dioxide pollution:

  • Harmful to plants – reduced crop yields.
  • Involved in acid rain formation – damage to buildings, forests.
  • Adverse effects on the respiratory system.

Sulfur Dioxide RAM Technical Data Sheet

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