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Rapid Air Monitors (RAMs)

The Rapid Air Monitor (RAM) adds the advantage of shorter sampling times to Ormantine’s range of cost effective air quality monitoring equipment.

With passive sampling times from as little as 1 hour, the RAM solves the requirement for fast results without the need for a pump, allowing you to identify hazardous air pollutants quickly, even if you only have limited site access.

Additionally, the rapid sampling times are now applied to inorganic compounds, previously only suitable for long term passive sampling.

The RAM is used for outdoor ambient air pollution monitoring and indoor air sampling, including:

  • Workplace or personal exposure monitoring for occupational health and risk assessments.
  • Urban monitoring of roadside or urban background locations.
  • Indoor air monitoring in new buildings, offices and car interiors.
  • Industrial monitoring for the emission of hazardous gas.
  • Fence line monitoring or stack sampling.

Using Rapid Air Monitors

Rapid Air Monitors are designed for short-term monitoring for 1 hour to 7 days. Once the sampling period is over, the monitors are sealed and returned to the laboratory for analysis. The lab determines the concentration of compounds on the disc. This is then used in a calculation with the uptake rate to calculate the average concentration of compounds that were present in the air over the monitoring period.

The results are reported in parts per billion (ppb) or micrograms per meter cubed (ugm-3) to allow comparison with guideline levels. Reports are emailed to the customer within 10 working days of receipt of the samples.

Ammonia RAM
Nitrogen Dioxide RAM
Sulfur Dioxide RAM